My previous blog posts that were hosted on MobileMe are going to be removed, so I am adding them to this site, maintaining their original publishing dates. Sorry if you feel like you’re getting spammed. I’ll try to spread them out.

Author: Matthew

U.S. Marine Corps officer living in North Carolina. The views expressed here are my own, and are in no way intended to represent the United States Marine Corps, Department of Defense or any of its components.

2 thoughts on “Apologies”

  1. From a gay airman from the Viet Nam era. I was openly gay in the Air Force in the early 1970s. Yes, of course, I got discharged, but at least it was honorably, and I was able to avail myself of the benefits of being a veteran. The thing is, even though most people in my flight knew I was gay, they were very cool about it, and I have retained friends from that era to this day. Your story is heart warming and I’m proud of the way the Marine Corps has gone about even recruiting gays and lesbians, now that DADT is history. Thank you for your story.

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