On the radio

I’ll be on Sirius XM’s OutQ 108 today at 3:30 EST with Michelangelo Signorile, talking about my recent blog post about taking a date to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball for the first time following repeal of DADT.

Author: Matthew

U.S. Marine Corps officer living in North Carolina. The views expressed here are my own, and are in no way intended to represent the United States Marine Corps, Department of Defense or any of its components.

7 thoughts on “On the radio”

  1. Congratulations on your blog and on your decision to bring a date to the ball. What’s the big deal?
    My father is a retired Colonel in the Corps, so I do know what a big deal the ball is. It was the only social thing he and my Mother ever did.

    Post pictures so we can see what a great time that you had. I hope that more and more men and women will see your act of bravery and honesty as what we need in a soldier. So again, good luck to you.


  2. Hmmmmmm………. OK, that’ll be 1830 local in the Portland area. I have Sirius in my car only. so I’ll have to jump in and drive around town in circles……….I’ll do it. Got a “full” tank, so I’m good for about 300 miles. If Michelangelo is his usual long-winded self, I might just run out of gas / jk.

    “BZ”………. “FOGGY”….

  3. It really does fill me with great confidence to see your blog and the fantastic positive reactions to your experiences. I am not American, I am Australian, and honestly, I have been a little terrified of the USA in terms of how much power they hold, the incredible things they still believe and the way they treat people, including gay and lesbain people. To see how supported you have been, to hear you are being interviewed, it restores some hope for me in the American people (my fiance being one of these people) and I truly look to a better future for all of us.
    Good luck with your interview, I hope it goes fantastically! 🙂

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