Coming soon…

In May 2013, I will finish my assignment at Marine Corps University and execute orders to my next duty station. I am hoping to be assigned to Japan, but this is going to bring with it many challenges in terms of my relationship with Ben. We are going to document all of the work as we face this challenge, to include people we talk to, the documents we need, the legal issues we will face with DOMA, and post some tips for those who will inevitably follow in our path later. I’ll be tagging those posts specially so you can find them at a glance, and Ben will even be writing some. Stay tuned to follow the tales of our (mis)adventures!

Author: Matthew

U.S. Marine Corps officer living in North Carolina. The views expressed here are my own, and are in no way intended to represent the United States Marine Corps, Department of Defense or any of its components.

4 thoughts on “Coming soon…”

  1. I hope Japan will be your next place to explore as you seem to do wherever you go. Never been there myself but have had Japanese friends here in USA I enjoyed knowing a wonderful Family. From photographs I’ve seen Japan will be a visual experience for you, so keep your iphone ready for photos to send back. We’ll follow your travels that way should it be Japan. you can send Ben a Bonzai as a way of sharing things there.

  2. Keeping my talons crossed for the both of you, Matthew – at least you picked a posting that will enrich the both of you culturally. I’m terribly proud of you, and pray the brightest blessings on you and Ben.

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