Back in the Saddle

I gave myself three weeks to not worry about workouts and diet. This being my first recruit training cycle, trying to manage my physical training regimen and three weeks in the field at Camp Pendleton just wasn’t going to happen. That meant coffee on my way in to work at 4:30 AM, McDonalds usually on my way in and out of work, and no actual gym time. Thanks to the pace of the training, I didn’t actually out on any weight, but I know I was putting my body through hell.

So this morning I am back at it, and with a vengeance. First up is the diet. A few of the changes will be simple: only drinking water (no more soda or energy drinks), no more sugar, eating the right number of meals and snacks in a day. Some will be a bit more difficult: no more fast food, keeping eating out to a minimum, eating properly balanced meals (I follow the Zone Diet).

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Closing a Chapter

I had a conversation via text last night that I should have had a year ago when my relationship that spanned the previous four years ended. I’m clearly a glutton for punishment, but even today I refuse to believe I was wrong about the relationship. We had something very special, something I’m not sure I’ll find again. I’ve said before, true love is when the one you love and the one who loves you are the same. Whether this was true love, I guess I can’t ever really know. I think it was. But apparently I was the only one of us who felt that way.

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Thoughts on Privacy

There has been quite a bit of fervor recently about privacy on the web. There was recently an op-ed piece on Mashable that mirrored most of my own thoughts, so I invite you to read that as well.

I’ve heard the rants of several people recently–many among my own friend circles–who bemoan Facebook’s upcoming Open Graph system that will bring personalization to third-party sites based on users’ Facebook activity. The complaints center around the idea that what someone posts on Facebook will be accessible to third-party entities without explicit permission being granted by the user.

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